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The Coronavirus is with us. We are still doing home visits taking all precautions as advised. For those worried about seeing us in person, we can take instructions over the telephone or by email and prepare your documents to our usual timescale of 2 working weeks.

Our prices are published here. As a professional ethical company we will never raise our prices to take advantage of the present situation.

We are an experienced Will Writing and Estate Planning company. We pride ourselves in offering a professional, friendly service with the best possible advice in relation to all aspects of Estate Planning. Our Consultants visit clients across the Midlands giving guidance and recommendations based on individual needs.

Preparing for the future is vital and estate planning should be a vital part of this process. Passing on your wealth and assets to those you choose is vital. If your assets including a business are not properly planned and written, upon your death your loved one’s may not get what they think they’re going to get.

We offer a wide range of services. From a professionally written will to asset protection, tax efficient methods to pass on your assets, care home protection, LPA’s, specialist trusts and funeral plans.

We help put your affairs in order with impartial, professional advice.

We are members of The Master Guild of Will Writers. We have undertaken extensive training in all aspects of Estate Planning and always strive to keep up to date with current legislation and policy.

A will should not be treated as a DIY project. It’s a speciality profession. Let NJP Estate Planning be your Trusted Partner.


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