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For most of us, funeral planning is not something we like to dwell on. We understand that facing your own mortality is a difficult and emotional subject. Here at NJP Estate Planning we sympathetically listen to you and suggest the best plan for you. This will save an enormous amount of stress for your loved one’s and for you it will give you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be met and taken care of.

Relieve your family of the burden of making stressful decisions in an already stressful time.

Funneal Plan - NJP Estate Planning and Will writing company

The benefits of a Funeral Plan as an integral part of your Estate Planning

Many of us have an idea of how we would like our funeral to look when we pass away. However, most of us do not communicate these wishes to our relatives or friends, leaving the bereaved to make these very important and emotional decisions. As well as causing a great deal of pressure during a time of grief, this creates opportunities for disagreements and arguments among friends and family. We are here to ensure your wishes are passed on clearly to those closest to you, giving you the send-off, you would have wanted while making things as easy as possible for those left behind.

We can ensure your instructions are clear, encouraging your family to respect your wishes and saving them an enormous amount of stress. Our experts can also offer advice on how to pay for the funeral you want in a way that makes the most financial sense. All of our experienced consultants are empathetic to your needs while remaining approachable, helpful and professional.
Your funeral is the last opportunity for your friends and family to say goodbye after you have passed on. For that reason, you want it to reflect your life as you would like it remembered. We will work closely with you to ensure that your funeral service is replete with personal touches, representing your exact wishes and providing a worthy farewell for your loved ones. This can be as detailed or high-level as you consider appropriate.

You need to inform a close friend or relative that you have created a funeral plan, and to let them know where to find it after your death. Our advisors are able to help you compile this document and carry out financial planning to ensure that it is both affordable and feasible.

Visit our partner’s website in Funeral Planning Services : Safe Hands – Funeral Plans


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